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"With passion pray, with passion make love, with passion eat and drink and dance and play. Why act like a dead fish in this ocean of God?" [Rumi]

Erotic Partnership Weekend Retreats

In a maximally healthy relationship, every part of togetherness - partnering on the tasks of life, playing, sharing emotional intimacy, and having good sex - all work together in a mutually reinforcing pattern of trust, generosity and love.

After The Honeymoon retreats provide a soulful learning environment that teaches couples how to achieve an emotionally intimate relationship that includes a mutually satisfying sex life.

We call this kind of relationship "erotic partnership." Here’s why. Eros, the god of love (and the origin of the word erotic), is the force that compels us to be related. Sex is based in this natural instinctual force. "Erotic partnership" expresses and completes the erotic force by creating a balanced, love-filled relationship that includes the celebration of passionate sex.

While each couple’s sexual connection is unique to their relationship and our retreats honor these differences, we teach heart-centered sexuality — sex based more on a current emotional connection than an image of sex carried from early sexual fantasy.

What to expect from an After the Honeymoon Retreat

Each retreat is a dynamic experience that feels like the best kind of vacation: a romantic getaway to rejuvenate your relationship, with a teaching structure designed to deepen your sexual connection.

Retreats differ depending on the length and focus. However, in each retreat you will:

• Learn the five steps for Erotic Partnership.

• Practice awareness, embodiment and effective communication.

• Connect with your partner in a way that leads to trust and generosity.

• Have private "homework" - practices to rekindle the sexual spark and fan the flames of desire
   in the privacy of your room.

• Co-create a plan for carrying this connection back into daily life.

(There is no nudity or sexual activity in the group.)

Be embodied, own your desire, be skillful in relationship, cultivate passion and celebrate your sexuality.

Our retreats are small - generally about 10 couples, more or less. This provides a safe and personal environment to study the principles of Erotic Partnership. Exercises in the group are fun, supportive, nopressure ways for learning new tools. We break out of the small group so that intimate conversations can happen privately, between you and your partner.

Our erotic partnership retreat is right for you if:

• you want more intimacy in your relationship

• you want more satisfying sex in your relationship

• you are stuck in how to collaborate regarding sex and intimacy

• your lifestyle has sucked the creative juice from your erotic self, leaving you with a less than
   satisfying sexual relationship

• you want to find tools that will support deep intimacy and great sex

• you want to have an experience that is a great vacation that will deepen your relationship

Most couples going through this process are delighted to find themselves feeling more connected than they anticipated. For many it is the beginning of a new path of sexual satisfaction. Here’s what a few are saying:

"I saw how a little hard work brought me into such a sweet place with my partner again ... We haven't stopped touching one another since we got back and are flirting with one another a lot more. It feels great."

"We didn't think our sex life could be any better. Jim and Felicia's workshop showed us how wrong we were."

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