What People Are Saying About "After The Honeymoon" Retreats

"We wanted to thank you for your workshop and write a few words to you about how powerful the tools were that you gave us.

We had been together for almost seven years and we rarely fought with each other but our passion had been missing for some time and we weren't sure exactly why. We also believed our communication skills were good but after taking your workshop we could see we were missing our "connection". We enjoyed the activities we did and some were more challenging then others. The role plays you did with each other were powerful, humorous, and made an impact on us. A month later we are still talking about them.

Your workshop was just what we needed to begin our journey of reigniting our passion and commitment to each other. We are still working on our connection and going through some of the information you gave us. We hope you will continue offering workshops and possibly a continuing workshop (please!) for those who have already taken the first one. We had no idea what to expect. We are so grateful we decided to take a chance and be part of your class that weekend. We loved being part of the group and having meals with people and getting to know them. It was helpful to hear other people and share with them."
- K & A 3/30/15

"Jim, I so appreciate your modeling of how to be a vulnerable, committed, strong and open-hearted man. That alone has been "worth the price of admission" for me.

Felicia, I deeply appreciate your clarity and groundedness.

I can't recall a better vacation in my entire life."
RP 3/29/13

"Thank you for that wonderful retreat! My wife and I benefitted hugely from it. We think of you and Felicia and the retreat with gratitude and a great deal of pleasure.

Thank you for sharing your memories and after-effects from the retreat and reiterating what the retreat opened our eyes to. I'm glad to report that my wife and I have, so far, been following through with the Change Contract we made on the Sunday of the retreat.

I also remember, and continue to benefit from, the exercises that Felicia led, in tandem with the music that you'd chosen. I try to copy them at home every morning now, even if they are 'musicless' and I make them look a lot less easy and graceful. :-)"
- KR 2/12/13

"Jim, I so appreciate your modeling of how to be a vulnerable, committed, strong and open-hearted man. That alone has been "worth the price of admission" for me.

Felicia, I deeply appreciate your clarity and groundedness.

I can't recall a better vacation in my entire life."
RP 3/29/13

"A little more than a week after returning from your workshop, My husband and I discussed how grateful we both felt to have worked with you. Thank you so much for offering what you do. Despite both of us coming down with the stomach flu when we returned home, we found ourselves setting up, Sunday, for our weekly date/ceremony."
MS 4/17/13

"Jim, Thank you for your words. The poem brought tears to my eyes and a warmth of recognition to my heart. The soul work we showed up to do has made an impact on me and healing has begun for My partner and I as well as our family.

This work is not easy but it deepens my connection not just with my partner but to the taproot of the human experience and the potential joy and peace that my life can open into. This opening I believe can aid all those I know, all those I have connection with, seen or unseen which is not limited to or by time and space.

The work we did together will always be part of me now and I am profoundly grateful to each of you in the group and especially to Jim and Felicia for bringing us such vital gifts. I welcome the opportunity to stay in touch as we have already run/fallen into the basement a few times but have managed to find our way out without additional damage to each other.

We have had our date and taken time to stay connected since returning and it feels as if we have discovered a new level of tenderness and caring for each other that is creating a new bond of partnership, loving and friendship. Blessed be!"
SN 4/15/13

"My partner and I have continued to connect and courageously venture forth into new territory. It has been quite amazing and extremely rewarding and healing to our entire family. We have kept to our commitments and are creatively venturing forth with new ones :-)

Thank you again for assisting us in our healing. You both do sacred work and I am honored to have met you."
JA 4/15/13

"Felicia and Jim have developed an incredibly safe and supportive experience for couples who want to revitalize love, contact and sexual fire in their relationship. Their humility and honesty reveal their tremendous integrity and the foundation of love and hard work that brought them to teach the workshop. Between the two of them they offer well-paced, practical, educational, playful, compassionate and inspiring path to rediscover - or discover a new - the vast potential for magic that can happen in a marriage.

If you think this workshop is too far out, woo woo or weird for you, think again. It may take courage to show up, but it will be the best gift you can give to the most important relationship in your life."
KS 4/15/13

"Our experience with Jim and Felicia was terrific. They definitely 'walk their talk' as someone in our group said, and they are great teachers. I came back feeling completely changed about my relationship.

I started to understand that my thoughts that 'perhaps we are not right for one another' affects most couples when the honeymoon fades and the real work begins. I also saw how a little hard work brought me into such a sweet place with my partner again.

We haven't stopped touching one another since we got back and are flirting with one another a lot more. It feels great."
DM 11/11

"Felicia and Jim have the rare ability to create a workshop space that is both safe and playful. This allowed us to explore and reawaken aspects of our love for each other that had too long been neglected. Our weekend with them had a profound and lasting impact on our relationship." L & N

"We didn't think our sex life could be any better. Jim and Felicia's workshop showed us how wrong we were." B & M.

"Thank you again - this was an amazing weekend - we still talk about how moving it was. We continue to work at our relationship, but feel we have a good foundation and tool set to improve our intimacy. We loved how the two of you inspired all of us and had truly soulful way about you.

Please keep us on the distribution list for any newsletter type of communications as well as future engagements; would like to keep a connection.

Have a great weekend - Leaving work to get home and prepare for our 'date'."

All the best S & J

"Jim and Felicia Matto-Shepard are fearless, compassionate, and creative experts in helping couples reawaken the sensuality and excitement that often becomes elusive after the first months or years of a relationship. Having experienced many couples trainings and workshops with my own husband, and having known Jim and Felicia's relationship and work for many years, I am very excited to see them bring this work to a wider audience. I recommend the Matto-Shepard's retreats and workshops above all others."

Barbara Easterlin, Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor, UC Berkeley.

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"Jim and Felecia have tremendous skill, wisdom, passion, and sensitivity in their work with couples. They embody a commitment to balancing the pleasure of passionate embrace with the work of intimacy building. They have developed a powerfully effective approach to relationship development."

Michael Klein, Ph.D. Clinical psychologist and adjunct professor, California Institute of Integral Studies.

Your work is so valuable and was beautifully presented. I've wanted to follow up with you to let you know that after a couple of missed dates at first, my partner and I have been meeting consistently each week! It's getting easier, more fun, and deeper. I've told several people about the weekend workshop. Keep us posted with plenty of advance notice when you plan to present the next one.
S. K.

"Great weekend. Safe, sexy and solutions that really work."

"How fun to have the time and space to explore our sexuality in such a deep way"

"After the Honeymoon was off-the-charts powerful for me and my husband. Jim and Felicia have created a truly medicinal couple's workshop, and I can't say enough about how our love and sex life got an enormous boost after just a weekend with them. They blend a thorough understand of relationship dynamics - especially the challenging kind that kill erotic connection - with an inspired commitment to helping couples keep the spark alive.

My husband and I are communicating better about our wants and needs, have greater tools to stay connected to ourselves, and have taken our sexual relationship to the next level. I'm excited to follow through with the commitments I made as a result of the weekend, and I am incredibly grateful for the experience. Many thanks to Jim and Felicia for their skills and dedication!"
J. W. B.

"My life partner and I are mature individuals and experienced in transformational processes. She and I are in a long term relationship and just completed the 'Afer The Honeymoon' workshop and found it be a marvelous and relational altering experience.

What proved most profound was the integrity and skillfulness of the facilitators, Jim and Felicia. Their use of their own relationship to punctuate the various elements in producing a deep, meaningful, intimate connection between us and shift in the manner of our interaction was informative and profound. I found their use of form and content to be authentic and genuinely human in conception and delivery.

I recommend this workshop for all psychotherapists working with couples and for the couples that go to them for help."
MM 11/11

"We want to take a moment and thank you for the beautiful weekend we spent with you at our "work"-shop. You're an amazing couple who illustrated the possibilities of perfection through your own union. How specially you are committed to each other, creating an impenetrable atmosphere of safety for one another. It was easy for us as to similarly enjoy this haven of safety as we modeled the behaviors you demonstrated.

You cared for us effortlessly and the venue was hugely romantic. I particularly appreciate the rainy day weather you ordered for us,making the cabin we shared as a group a cozy safe haven.

You provided a solid Tool Box for Intimacy. We feel blessed to have met you and thank you for helping us continue the honeymoon we have shared for nearly 30 years (child bride).

Thank you again. We hope our paths will cross again. Would love to experience the Contact Improv. You guys rock."
Best, P & C

The following quotes were written anonymously
in workshop evaluations:

I had a lot of anxiety coming into the workshop specifically around the group setting, and it ended up being my favorite part. I wanted connection and I got it. I think I was gunning for connection with him (which was certainly valid and true), but I think the connection I really needed was with myself.

"Thank you. This workshop far exceeded my expectations. My husband and I worked through something that has been plaguing us for years. How valuable is that?"

"The way you organized the workshop was excellent. After looking into our own hearts you guided us in very simple communication exercises that brought us together. From there we were able to start really getting juicy!"

"We came to your workshop thinking we were going to get a few tips about how to spice up our sex life. What we received was far greater. We discovered that there were ways that we have not been completely honest with each other and that we couldn't really begin to heal our sexual relationship until we faced the truth."

"I loved the way you wove in teaching with exercises."

"The whole thing was great. From the way you set the atmosphere, to the gentle way you guided us together. Thanks."

"For me, one of the best parts of this seminar was seeing Jim and Felicia work together. the content and exercises were great, but, I saw something modeled that I don't know if I ever saw before."

"Thank you once again for a wonderful weekend workshop. (My husband) and I have been in counseling for years. We've worked very hard and accomplished good things in terms of our mutual growth and understanding. But before your workshop we hadn't been able to add any fun and vitality to our sexual relationship. Your workshop has helped us turn a corner.

I have in the past objected so to 'sex dates.' But you helped me to see what would be needed to make them sexy. We've been having our weekly ritual with great success. We have even found out that we can have sex outside the sex date! And we've brought many new adventures to our times together.

Alongside all this positive change we've even engaged in some pretty loaded conflict. It has been gratifying to find out that we can negotiate the conflict and still have a sexual relationship."

"Thank you for last weekend. Words alone cannot do justice to explain what my heart is feeling, what I've taken home with me from this experience.

I was very nervous, and also excited when I walked into the room Saturday morning. I didn't know what to expect. Answering your questions via email prior to the weekend was difficult. Opening up and telling complete strangers the most personal and intimate details of my marriage was tough for me. I felt very vulnerable. But I decided in order to get the most out of the weekend, I needed to let go and just do it. As you could see from how much I talked during class, I am very reserved.

Felicia and Jim, I want you to know I feel honored and so very blessed to have been able to participate with my husband in such a beautiful event. To spend a weekend in a room full of other married couples all intimately working towards the best relationship possible with their mates. I've never experienced something so sacred and precious before.

Witnessing the two of you interact, and the love you have for one another was also amazing. I remember during the hand exercise, I glanced up and noticed the two of you melding together in a fluid, almost ritualistic dance. It's an image I will never forget.

(My husband) and I came together and connected in a way I've longed for my entire marriage. A very deep healing has begun between the two of us. It feels like we were on a second honeymoon.

Thank you again. My life and my marriage is forever changed."

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