One Day Couples Relationship Workshop

Foreplay on the Fly -
Feeding your Relationship (morsels of nourishing goodness), Fast

New Dates Coming Soon
Time: 9:30a to 5p

IONS EarthRise Retreat Center,
Petaluma, California

Cost: $300 per couple (includes a fantastic ION's lunch)

Foreplay on the Fly - Feeding your Relationship (morsels of nourishing goodness), Fast

This one-day workshop for couples will present a theory and practice for fostering intimacy in a fast-paced world of virtual connection. A relaxing and playful structure will help refresh your connection, and you will leave the day with a set of simple, time efficient exercises that you and your partner can play with in your daily life - "Foreplay on the Fly."

When we have a strong heart connection with our partner, our body relaxes, life is easier, sex is better, and we naturally move toward fulfilling our personal potential.

But unfortunately, creating and maintaining a strong heart connection in today's world is not so easy. Work, kids, home care, exercise, friends, relatives and the magnetic pull of screen time, along with the fear and polarizing energy of our times, can put us into a survival state of consciousness. In survival consciousness we may care about our partner, but we will not be able to relax into a heart connection.

So how do we create and sustain a heart connection?

In 2016, a heart connection requires clear intention and time set aside - stolen moments as well as longer dates. A conscious hug, a 10 minute conscious conversation, sex that is designed to support emotional connection, a day for your relationship (like this one), and regular time away to reawaken as a couple.

After the Honeymoon is committed to teaching committed couples how to create and maintain an exceptional relationship. We value living passion filled lives which incorporate a vibrant physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy. We think of this as fostering everyday magic which can open your heart to moments of enchantment together.

We continue to work the cutting edge of how to be satisfied in committed relationship using concepts and practices that combine the latest neurobiological and psychological science as well as time-honored knowledge drawn from spiritual wisdoms.

A particular focus for this day will be how to be intimate in our fast-paced world - a day for re-enchantment - practice for the life we want to create.

This workshop is ideal for therapists who want to attend with their partner. You will leave with a plethora of specific intimacy building practices, will build the intimacy between you and your partner, and MFT/LCSW's can get CE certificates! (6 units for $20 per person)

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